KEZI | June 23, 2017 | by Sean Cuellar

A new mural is breathing color and diversity in downtown Eugene as part of the 20X21 EUG Mural Project. This is the 4th mural in the project with the goal of 20 completed murals by 2021, which is the year Eugene hosts the IAAF World Championship.

Chinese artist Hua Tunan started working on the dragon and tiger theme mural last week and as of Friday, June 23, it’s complete. The massive 135 foot by 20 foot mural is located at Vistra Framing and Gallery near 411 W. 4th Ave and Lawrence.

Some of the 20X21 EUG Mural Project artists are international like Tunan, but others will be local. 20X21 EUG organizers say they want to create a diverse backdrop to welcome the international athletes and spectators arriving for IAAF World Championship.

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