The Register-Guard | July 13, 2017

For the past week, Chinese spray paint artist Hua Tunan has been transforming the solid red wall on the west side of Vistra Framing and Gallery in downtown Eugene into a brilliantly colored battle between a serpent-like black dragon and a Bengal tiger.

Tunan’s piece, which will be completed by Thursday, is the fourth installment of the 20×21 Mural Project, organized by the city of Eugene’s Public Art Program. The project, funded by the city’s cultural services and parking program, Epark, has the goal of creating at least 20 outdoor murals around the city before the IAAF track and field championships come to Hayward Field in summer 2021. Artists from around the world have been commissioned by the 20×21 Mural Project to celebrate the diversity of cultures and communities that will be represented during the IAAF championships.