The Register-Guard | July 9, 2017 | By Paul Omundson (Photo by Andy Nelson)

Sometimes the Three Sisters become brilliantly visible in Eugene, Hendricks Park bursts with magnificence, and the Bach festival tantalizes us with aural delights. Add to that area forests, trails, parks and campgrounds that are among the best anywhere.

So why mess this up? Why kick it, destroy it, and then crap on it? Why in the world would anyone give beautiful, wonderful good things in our public realm a filthy, ugly middle finger?

It totally infuriates us as to why graffiti taggers, vandals and trashers in general mock and scorn us and spit on our public efforts to provide beauty, grace and inspired functionality in our public places. Two recent examples of defacement underscore this issue. It’s a common urban problem that rears its ugly head here too often.

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